About Janet

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have maintained a private practice in Madison, Wisconsin since 1985. I am a member of the American Counseling Association and the Wisconsin Counseling Association. Although my formal training is in Gestalt therapy, I have drawn from many approaches, traditions, and therapeutic modalities to help clients develop the skills to work through their obstacles and to gain greater peace and personal effectiveness in their lives. I have taught seminars and classes on dreams, spiritual development, meditation, Seasonal Affective Disorder, taming the inner critic, and traveling to sacred places in Wisconsin and Iowa.

I currently see clients in private practice, teach classes through the Wisconsin Union Mini Course Program, and facilitate a monthly meditation class.

Why I do what I do
I made the decision to become a professional counselor as I was turning 30. I had always been fascinated by people and their stories, and seemed to draw people who wanted to tell me about themselves. I felt that with appropriate skills and credentials, I could fulfill a profound calling. That was over 30 years ago.

I received my Master’s degree in Human Development from Saint Mary’s College (now Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota) in 1989. Because of a certification in Gestalt therapy through the Harmonia Center for Professional Development, received in 1985, I was able to lay the foundation for a private practice before receiving the Master's.

What this work is about
I have always maintained a private practice out of my home. My clients range widely. They see me to work on family issues, to determine a direction in life, to learn relaxation skills, to learn to be who they want to be in any given situation. I teach clients skills that they can then take out and use in the world. What happens in a session is only as good as its effectiveness in the client’s everyday life.

I encourage clients to develop their spirituality in ways that express most fully who they are. I define "spirituality" as whatever helps people feel deeply connected to themselves internally as well as connected to the world around them. This may be expressed as a love of nature, an established religion, service to others, meditation, or whatever beliefs and practices foster that deep sense of connection. From this sense of connection, a true sense of purpose can emerge, creating the foundation for peace, productivity, and lasting happiness.