In 1996, I traveled to Chartres Cathedral to experience it as one of the world’s great sacred spaces. Set into the floor of the cathedral’s great nave is a labyrinth. This was the beginning of my fascination with walking the labyrinth as a profound way to meditate. Unlike the maze, the labyrinth’s look-alike cousin, the labyrinth offers one path in to the center and the same path that returns the walker to the outer circumference. The turnings and twistings of the labyrinth offer a helpful disorientation that takes the meditator out of time and space and into an introspective zone where old dilemmas can be approached in new ways. For me, it is a representation of the soul’s journey, and has come to be a powerful symbol in my personal and professional life. For more about the labyrinth, learn about Lauren Artress’ pioneering work at www.laurenartress.com.

"Nam" is a Sanskrit word meaning "name" as in "divine word." It has also been translated to mean "dedication" or "devotion."

"Labyrinthnam" therefore can be thought of as "the divine path and the divine word" or "dedication to the sacred path."

Although each person has unique needs and expectations, your sessions with Janet are designed to help you:

  • Gain new awareness of yourself and the people in your life
  • Examine the past and see how it shapes your expectations for the future
  • Challenge your "inner critic" and enlist your "inner ally"
  • Discover compassion and courage- for yourself and others
  • Learn to be more relaxed and trust your intuition
  • Recognize patterns in your life- both the effective and the destructive
  • Develop practices that help to ground and sustain you

The short answer: almost anyone. Counseling will offer you a more in-depth understanding of yourself. It will provide you with the tools you need to change your life.

Counseling can be an important step in your efforts to create a better life.  Effective counseling requires personal dedication and introspection: a true commitment to achieving positive change.  The more energy and effort you put into your experience of personal work, the more you can expect to gain from it.

Janet's approach to counseling is very client-centered.  Your personal needs will direct the number and the content of the sessions.

Fees are charged on a sliding scale.  Payment options will be discussed during your first session.