Meditation Classes

Monthly Meditation

This class meets once a month and is based on the annual harvest cycle. Students choose "seeds" or goals at the beginning of the year and work to bring them to manifestation by emphasizing a different theme each month to focus on ways to approach change in a mindful and effective way. Themes include, values, security, communication, family, creativity, play, health, work, service, relationships, metaphysics, and more. Students are invited to meet either one Sunday morning or one Tuesday evening per month. Generous handouts are provided covering a wide range of meditative approaches as well as ideas for inspiration and practical guidelines for creating lasting change. Students participate in meditation on the breath, music meditation, and guided meditation. They also share experiences with the group and inspire, support, and participate in problem solving with each other. The experience of the class provides fun, learning, and community.

Although the class is structured to begin January and end December of each year, new students can begin at any point throughout the year, and can benefit from starting the class in any phase of the cycle.